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 private room

$1900 - 4 weeks

weekly rates also available

Our largest private rooms. 

These full-bed rooms include a mini-fridge, dressing table/desk, full length and makeup mirrors, safe and other property amenities. 

Please note each room will differ in decor. 

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Cozy housing option at Gaslamp student rooms feature a double bed, desk, central air conditioning.


 private room

$1600 - $1800 - 4 weeks

weekly rates also available

Cozy rooms on the interior of the building. These rooms include a desk, mini-fridge, full length and make up mirrors.


Please note individual rooms will differ in decor. 


Friends can share with a bunk bed private room at Gaslamp Co-Live
Private rooms at Gaslamp student housing are each unique in decor.
Sharing a room with a friend is possible at Gaslamp Co-Live

$1600 - $1800  - 4 weeks

weekly rates also available

bunk bed private room

Bunk Bed private rooms are each unique in design and room shape.   

This room has the same in-room and location amenities as the standard private room.  

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Room 22c .jpg
Room 22 b.jpg

Twin bed

 private room

$1100- 4 weeks

weekly rates also available

This room has an interior facing window. The beds can also be joined to make a king.


This room has the same furnishings and amenities as the standard private room. 




private room

$1200 - 4 weeks

weekly rates also available


This unique room has storage, seating and desk on the main level and a sleeping loft. Please note the lofted area is less than 5 feet high. 


This room has the same furnishings and amenities as the standard private room. 


A spacious 6-bed shared room offers a restful night's sleep for student housing in the Gaslamp.
A cozy room for 2 or 4 people coliving at Gaslamp international travelers
This sunny dorm room at Gaslamp international accommodation has floor to ceiling windows.

shared rooms

Shared Rooms can be rented by the bed or an entire room can be rented for an individual or group. If renting for a group, there are a choice of rooms that sleep 4 to 6 people.


Regardless of room configuration, each room has a locker with an outlet inside for each guest, as well as a privacy screen and a shelf, light, and outlet for each bed. Linens and towels are provided and changed once per week, unless additional service is requested. 

If renting an entire room for an individual or a group, a microwave and mini-fridge can be added complimentary. 

 $850 per 4 weeks -  individual

$1500 per 4 weeks - for entire 4-bed

 $2000 per 4 weeks - for entire 6-bed

weekly rates also available

All prices are based on single occupancy. A second occupant is an additional  $15 per day for the duration of the booking. 

 Weekly rates vary based on availability and have an additional 10.5% city tax. 

Please see the Amenities tab to see what services and extras are included with your booking. 

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