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Cleaning products on hand at Gaslamp Colive

If you told us a few months ago that a tab like this would exist, it would have been beyond comprehension. However, times being what they are, we feel it's absolutely necessary to let our guests know what efforts we are taking to keep our guests and staff as safe as possible. 

Now, we cannot guarantee our cleaning protocols will keep the Covid virus completely at bay as the science about the spread is still being investigated, but based on what we know today, here's what we have in place to do our part. 

  • Daily temperature checks - Staff are checked daily and guests on check-in with our infrared no contact thermometer. 

  • Frequent bathroom cleanings and disinfection -  From 8 am to 6 pm (later on weekends) bathrooms are disinfected frequently. We even have signage to help signal our staff that a stall needs sanitizing. Disinfectant is also in the bathrooms for guest use. . 

  • Sanitizer in common areas - For extra precaution, we also have sanitizer for guest use in each bathroom, the kitchen, the lounge and at entry. 

  • "High-touch" frequent sanitation - The front desk is wiped down after each guest. Door handles, light switches, etc are frequently attended to.  

  • Room deep cleans and rotations - After each checkout, rooms/bunks are deep cleaned and sanitized.

  • Free face masks - We have free disposable medical masks.

  • Air filters - The air exchanges in the building have high grade air filters installed. 

  • Weekly room housekeeping - Each weekly/monthly renter's room receives a weekly clean and linen exchange (additional linen service available on request). 

  • Only one person per bunk bed set in dorms - Guests renting shared rooms have the entire bunk bed set to themselves. We have privacy panels on the bed that screen the head and shoulders and a 'curtain' can be set up for additional privacy/screening. (groups excepted)

  • Individual dishware kits - each guest receives a boxed plate, bowl, cup, utensils, drying cloth and sponge for their use during their stay

Guests can help do their part by observing social/physical distancing rules within the facility. 


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