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house rules

Yeah, we hate 'em too, but having everyone on the same page helps avoid confusion and misunderstandings later. And wouldn't you rather know up front if we're the right fit for you?

So here it goes:

  1. The first rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club (oh wait, wrong concept

  2. Respect the staff and fellow guests. It's okay to have different opinions and even spirited discussions, but belittling, ridicule, and anger doesn't make for a happy setting. 

  3. Be tolerant. We accept and celebrate all flavors of humanity. Racism, misogyny, etc. will get you out  the door quickly.

  4. Pick up after yourself. You're a grown-up. That means you can do your own dishes and wipe the drain in the shower to keep things tidy for the next person. 

  5. Smoke it elsewhere. Weed is legal, but it's gotta be smoked at least 25 feet from the building because we have two restaurants downstairs with outdoor patios. It's the law.

  6. Don't be a sloppy drunk. We love to party too, but you need to be able to handle your liquor. You puke, you clean it up!

  7. Hard drugs are a no-no. We're not equipped to handle an OD. If this is your jam, we're not for you. 

  8. Respect quiet hours. Maybe you don't gotta sleep, but others do. 

  9. Be a security monitor. Don't let someone in the building you don't know. 

  10. Talk to us. If something is bothering you or you need something to make your stay more comfortable, please just ask us. We'd rather hear it from you than in a review later. 

  11. Pet her, scratch her, love her, but only feed our canine ambassador approved snacks.

  12. Have fun! That's the most important house rule of all.  

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